At BizQuick, we help you set up Super Speciality Export Oriented Units. Export is one of the most lucrative business activities in India. Indian Government also provides various incentives to the exporters for earning valuable foreign exchange for the country for meeting their requirements for importing modern technology and essential inputs.
We provide consultation in the area of:

Setting up of a most suitable customized business organization after analysing your requirements.
Securing Registration with the Regional Licensing Authorities.
Understanding new Foreign Trade Policy & Procedures.
Obtaining Credit Limit for the Buyer/Buyer's Country from E.C.G.C.
Preparing/Obtaining Export Documents.
Shipping & Customs Clearance of the Goods & India Customs EDI System.
Tendering the Documents to the Bank.
And most important, Providing you export leads.

Services For Global Buyers

INDIAN businesses are world-class providers of quality goods and services. The INDIAN Commercial Services as the trade promotion arm of BizQuick, Connects international firms to the best INDIAN suppliers.

With strong tie-up network across INDIA, Our INDIAN Commercial Service will help you
Locate INDIAN products, services, and business partners
Meet suppliers and partners face-to-face.
Participate in trade shows that feature thousands of INDIAN companies.

Proven Trade Expertise

At the INDIA Commercial Service, building relationships with our clients is important. Whether you are looking to import for the first time from INDIA or find additional INDIAN suppliers, we can offer the expertise you need to connect with lucrative opportunities.

International Trade Events

We connect you with trustworthy INDIAN companies having quality products and services. Through our business matchmaking service, we also help arrange face-to-face or video conference appointments with pre-screened INDIAN suppliers.

INDIAN Supplier Search

We help you find the INDIAN products, services, and partners that are a good match for your business, whether you initiate the search or our INDIAN clients do. Our supplier catalogues feature INDIAN companies that are seeking buyers, partners, agents, and distributors.