Business Tour


Bizquick now offers an exciting business experience for you with Bizquick Business Tours. These are personalized export import tours to explore international aspects of your business which can help you grow exponentially.

These trips offer incredible insight for taking your business on a global scale.

We offer readymade solutions that are designed to give you perfect growth opportunities & work life balance when you travel with us on business tours.

The objective of this tour is to get you International Business Contacts & reliable export import clients for the growth of your business.


Our Philosophy on Business Tours

Businesses are built upon developing and maintaining strong inter personal relations with your stakeholders. We understand that in order to expand your business horizons, you need to engage in regular tours and attend various meetings. At Bizquick it is our endeavor to ensure that your Business Tours are a way to expand your business globally.

What is this?

Imagine that you have a good contact of yours or even a member of your family living in the country you plan to do the business. And you inform this person you would be coming and you ask to show the city. Now add to this person a huge database of knowledge on business in that country, a wide network of business contacts in various industries and a good understanding of business processes in the local market. This is what our corporate travel or business tours look like: very welcoming and very knowledgeable for you in export import business.


For Whom?

This type of business travel was thought for those entrepreneurs who are smart & do not want to learn themselves by years of failures in business that is brought in by the traditional trail & error method.
This tours are for serious businessmen who want to start export import business right away, You need not know the best business structure operational process, nor you need any knowledge of International business system. Everything is taken care by Bizquick for you. We demonstrate you business opportunities Globally. We do everything that is required in order for you to have a world class export import business. We provide you with great opportunities to visit local & international authorities, free zones, logistic hubs, meet successful entrepreneurs, receive first-hand knowledge, get buyers & sellers directly for your business.


Now there are no general statements, such as, "we can assist with your business documentations, travel arrangements, scheduling of meetings and attendance of exhibitions / conferences". We are professional global export import business consultants. Now you no longer need to puzzle your head over what you need to ask, to read, to study to have. You can choose one of the itineraries we have to offer and we will share what you need to know. Enjoy your business travel with us.

What's Included

We offer our clients 1, 3 and 7-day business tours. Each day has a set schedule which will keep you busy from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening. Since you are our guest, you are free to choose the number of days for your corporate travel, adjust schedule and determine longevity of your business tour. We said, our clients are long-awaited guests and there are never many long-awaited guests in life. Exactly because of that business tours are arranged for clients in groups of 10, 15, 20 & 25. Just imagine: you can fly to Dubai just for a weekend and do not miss any important meeting back at home. In the meantime, while others waste their precious time, you will obtain valuable knowledge, information and experience on business opportunities & even clinch deals.

Our Actions

At Bizquick, we take the initiative to custom design each business trip from the growth point of view, accordingly we set the activities and backward integrate it into time and motion for a seamless experience. We take care of all the required facilities for the delegates who attend our conferences / seminars / meets etc. Arranging business partner meetings, factory & market visits, briefing you about important business aspect in the host country.
Specializing in organizing business trips for corporates. Our complementary services also includes: apartments, transfers, car rentals, airline tickets, and many more.
The corporate hospitality is omnipresent in all the activities we undertake. We sprint the extra mile to ensure you have ample time for leisure along with your business agenda.